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Sarah Faye de Muynk

Sound Operator I Recorder

about Me

I began my professional journey in the Film & TV industry as a sound assistant in 2010 on Survivor South Africa: Maldives and have since worked on a number of solo and collaborative projects maturing into a Sound Operator for 12 seasons of Survivor USA and finally a Sound Supervisor on Tali's Baby Diaries; it has been an exciting decade with multiple genres of shows under the belt. I take pride in all that I do and I firmly believe that hard work eventually pays off. Also, never forget to crack a joke.


I enjoy small, solo ENG shoots and  thoroughly enjoy the team aspect of adventure reality shows; I’m always looking for a challenge, the chance to sharpen my skills, grow and learn something new.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa but I have dual citizenship (Dutch EU & South Africa); please feel free to explore my portfolio and connect.

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Tali's Baby Diaries

Sound Supervisor for season 2 of Tali's Baby Diaries. at the 2019 SAFTA awards was nominated for 11 awards including Best Sound Design. Won Best TV comedy

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Survivor USA

Sound Operator since 2015 on the multi Emmy award winning Series  

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Snakes In the Grass

Sound Operator on  season 1 of this incredibly adventurous reality show.

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